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Making a Difference in Your Community

1. Donate Funds

Please navigate to the donate page and specify the amount you would like to contribute.

2. Donate Supplies

Please navigate to our Local Resources page for a list of shelters in the area and donate your supplies. Shelters and rescues always need:

  • Adult-sized bath towels (shelters always need lots of towels)

  • Blankets

  • Pillowcases

  • Grocery-sized paper bags with handles

  • Newspaper

  • Unopened, unexpired food and treats for cats, dogs, or rabbits. We also accept unopened food/treats with an expiry date within the last month

  • Cat collars (flat collars, martingales, or head halters)

  • Hard-sided plastic carriers

  • Toys that can be laundered or disinfected (such as items that can go in a dishwasher)

  • Gently used large dog beds

  • Unexpired flea medication

  • Cat scratchers that attach to cages

  • Cat hammocks: Instructions on how to make a cat hammock for our shelter cats

3. Become a Foster

The value of fosters can't be overrated. They can be lifesavers for pets who can't adapt to shelter life, those who need to be nursed back to health and orphaned kittens who need someone to step in for their mom.

Foster homes are the backbone of many rescue groups—without a strong network of foster providers, rescue groups simply could not take in as many animals. Foster homes can also become adoption ambassadors to friends, family and colleagues who otherwise may not visit the shelter or rescue group. Would you like more information on how to become a foster?


4. Little Differences

  • When you break a dish, wrap it in paper towels so stray and feral cats don't get cut by the glass when they are looking for food.

  • If you have pets of your own, please make sure that they are spayed/neutered to help with the overpopulation issue of so many cats and kittens.

  • If you regularly see a "community cat" in your area, please contact you local rescue group or shelter. They can help by either rescuing the cat or using Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) methods to ensure the cat can live a safe, healthy, and happy life. 

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